Inside the dives, breaking down the gear
Pawing my way through another fruitless year
It hasn't been exciting; not in the way you'd think.
No one cares for music. They only care to drink.

I haven't sent a postcard, in spite of what I've seen.
I want you to know how I'm doing but you don't care where I've been.

I'm a long way from home.

I wasn't chasing women. It wasn't for the drugs.
It's not because I hate you, but part of me does.
I had to break away from steeples around me like a jail,
Pull the spear from my side and rip away the nails.

Don't come looking for me. Not that you ever did.
I hope you get this letter. Maybe this time I'll send it.

I'm a long way from home.


from The Master of the House [remastered], released October 4, 2015




A Shell in the Pit Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver-based composer and sound designer. Contact me here: www.ashellinthepit.com/contact.html

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