The Master of the House [remastered]

by A Shell in the Pit

Knight 01:35
Shoebox 01:13
Explain 03:24
Inside the dives, breaking down the gear Pawing my way through another fruitless year It hasn't been exciting; not in the way you'd think. No one cares for music. They only care to drink. I haven't sent a postcard, in spite of what I've seen. I want you to know how I'm doing but you don't care where I've been. I'm a long way from home. I wasn't chasing women. It wasn't for the drugs. It's not because I hate you, but part of me does. I had to break away from steeples around me like a jail, Pull the spear from my side and rip away the nails. Don't come looking for me. Not that you ever did. I hope you get this letter. Maybe this time I'll send it. I'm a long way from home.
Pass it off You were born and you'll pass on that baton Shrug it off We were built to shrug it off and carry on It's a long walk home and those boots look so big. It's a long walk and I don't think it's worth the sores. How'd you shut it off? You built a switch and now it's dark. But you're not gone. And we'll try again to carry on. You're carrion. But you still talk. It's a long walk home and those boots look so big. It's a long walk and I don't think it's worth the sores. It's a long walk home. I hope someone's still left. It's a long walk and don't dream of that first step until the Master of the House is dead.


I wrote this album in 2010 while living in South Korea. I didn't know a lot about audio engineering at the time and as the years passed disliked the technical production aspects of the album more and more, but have always been very proud of the songs. I have learned a lot in the past 5 years and while I couldn't do a full remix (which it really needed) due to no longer having the original sessions, I was able to shine up the tracks significantly to provide more harmonic balance and make this an album I'm happy to show off once again.


released October 4, 2015




A Shell in the Pit Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver-based composer and sound designer. Contact me here:

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